WILL THIS WORK? Zambia Offers To Assist Nigeria With battling Weakness Both Physically & Spiritually


Dr. Solomon Samuel

Zambian Commissioner in Nigeria, Dr. Solomon Samuel, has communicated worry over the security circumstance in the country.

The emissary, who talked in front of the Worldwide Harmony Show charged for Saturday in Abuja, communicated the availability of his nation of origin to help Nigeria in handling psychological oppression and banditry.

Reviewing the job Nigeria played in the freedom of Zambia and other southern African nations from the politically-sanctioned racial segregation system, Samuel uncovered that Zambia was able to cooperate with Nigeria in the preparation of safety faculty to handle instability in the country.

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The show themed ‘Trust in grieved times,’ as indicated by him, will have singing gatherings from Nigeria and Ghana perform to look for help from above in tending to security challenges.

He added:-

“The Seventh Day Adventist Church has thought of a splendid technique for upgrading harmony. With this impact, Zambia would need to relate to the Adventist Church. Since our siblings and sisters in Nigeria, who are wrestling with weakness, Zambia can’t bear idling and watch them face demonstrations of psychological oppression.”



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