Woman Who Laid down With 13-Year-Old Kid Wins Bail Application As Judge Decides That The Minor Was A ‘Willing Member’


Precious Teya

26-year-old Precious Teya who was captured for laying down with a 13-year-old kid has been liberated on $10,000 bail, following an effective bail offer at the High Court on Friday Walk 5.

Teya who was at first denied bail when she showed up before Harare commonplace justice Vongai Guwuriro on charges of revolting attack, won her bail application after High Court Judge Tawanda Chitapi decided that dependent on the proof introduced, the adolescent was a willing and consenting member.

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This came after her legal counselor, Moses Nyatsoma contended that she was not blameworthy of the charges since she had no chance to get of realizing that her supposed casualty was just 13-years of age because of his height and his lead.

After the arraignment expressed that Teya constrained her way into the house and constrained the minor into satisfying the sexual meeting, Equity Chitapi said; “The State said the appealing party constrained herself into the house however plainly this isn’t exact since, in such a case that it is right, there was no explanation behind the casualty to take care of his kin with resting pills.” The High Court judge allowed Teya $10,000 bail. She will be once again at the Officers’ Court on 21 April for preliminary.

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