BUSTED!! Two Nigerians Captured In India With Medications Worth N52m


BUSTED!! Two Nigerians Captured In India With Medications Worth N52m

The blamed have been recognized as Donchucks Okeke, otherwise known as Cap Dominique, 39, and Celestine Anugwa, otherwise known as Omema, 40.

It has been accounted for that two Nigerian medication dealers have been captured in Bengaluru India.

They were grabbed with 3,300 Euphoria pills and 600 gm of MDMA (Methylenedioxy-Methamphetamine) powder esteemed at Rs 1 crore (N51,748,548.04).

The accused have been identified as Donchucks Okeke, aka Tam Tam Dominique, 39, and Celestine Anugwa, aka Omema, 40.

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According to Bangalore Mirror, the accused has been living in India for the last couple of years and have no legal passport and visa.

The Bengaluru East division police said in a statement that the duo was arrested while trying to sell the narcotic substance at a roadside tea stall behind Bagmane Tech Park in the city.

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The police said the couple obtained the medications through the dim net from the United Kingdom in order to sell them at excessive cost during Christmas and New Year’s Day rave parties

Beside the medications, the police likewise held onto a very good quality vehicle from them.



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