Ronaldo gives son advice on how to be a professional footballer

Ronaldo and Son

Juventus superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has said what kind of advice he gives to his son who wants to be a professional footballer like his dad.

According to Cristiano Ronaldo, his son Cristiano Jr. wants to play football professionally, but the Portuguese superstar wants him to be only the best.

“When he saw my place, he could not believe that I had lived there,” he was quoted by The Mirror when he took his son to his hometown.

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“He asked me: ‘But have you really been here?’ Now it’s all easy, the houses, the car, and everything.”

“But to become a great footballer you can’t think that everything falls from the sky,” he added.

“It’s not the talent that reaches you, you have to grab it.”

He explained: “You have to work hard and that’s what I’m trying to make him understand.”

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