Polytechnic Unwana Student Commits Suicide After Her Boyfriend Left Her



An undergraduate student of Library and Data Science (LIS) Akanu Ibiam Government Polytechnic Unwana, Ebonyi State, has apparently ended it all over shock.

Olivia James, who joins her cake and little chops business with tutoring, is said to have burned-through expert sharpshooter since her boyfriend left her days after she praised her birthday.

She was rushed to the hospital but was confirmed dead on arrival, according to reports shared online by her fellow students.

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Olivia James reportedly took her relationship with Henry seriously.

She even took to Facebook in July to update that she was in a relationship.

However, their relationship was reportedly fraught with infidelity.

Olivia reportedly caught Henry cheating multiple times but forgave him.

After her birthday on October 6, it is alleged that she had a misunderstanding with Henry and he wasn’t answering her calls, instead, a woman was picking whenever she calls him.

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Prior to ending her life, she left one of her companions a message to illuminate her regarding her expectation however the companion wasn’t online at that point and when she at long last saw the message and they raced to Olivia’s loft, she had supposedly currently taken sharpshooter.

The boyfriend, Henry, is reportedly on the run.

See her letter below;



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