Stunning!!! Ogun State PDP Assaults Governor Dapo, Blames Him For Doing This Awful Thing To Resident


Governor Dapo Abiodun

The Ogun State section of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has denounced Governor Dapo Abiodun over the acquirement of what he called ‘tricycle ambulances’ in essential wellbeing communities across the State, saying it is a road made to redirect citizens cash.

PDP said it was a wellspring of worry that the overall prosperity of individuals of Ogun has been settled on “the platter of unforgivable joke by the decision All Reformists Congress (APC) government.”

The party described as extremely laughable, the manner in which the Abiodun government took to the street a few days ago in celebration of the newly procured tricycle ambulances for rural medical needs, expressing surprise that the government even boastfully called it a “remarkable stride in medical accomplishments”.

A statement made available to YAWANIGERIA by the party’s spokesperson in Ogun, Akinloye Bankole, on Monday, stated that “the Keke NAPEP erroneously called ambulance is another calculated deceit to milk the people further, as the so-called ambulances are not durable enough to stand the test of time.”

Bankole alleged that “it is just another orchestrated magic by an extremely wicked government to swindle the state.”

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The statement reads:

“As a reasonable political organization, our great party still keeps wondering why any government, in all honesty, would keep showcasing deliberate deceit in order to appear busy in delivering dividends of responsive government to the people. Can anybody explain the possibility of an emergency bed stretcher fitting into this Keke Ambulance with full paramedics in attendance?

“Also, it is fundamentally necessary for the people to be equipped with the knowledge that the chassis of the much celebrated Keke NAPEP are not long and strong enough to carry a bed stretcher.

“For us as a party, we are convinced that the government under the watchful eyes of Prince Dapo Abiodun has, just as it has always done, supervised another flight of taxpayers’ money into some private vaults outside the state. He has again committed the state’s funds into another wasteful bazaar.

“Ordinarily, providing ambulances for rural medical needs, especially at this time for the people, may not be entirely out of place given the harsh reality of covid-19 and its marks. We are, however, very certain that a sincere and sensitive government would dispassionately think of better vehicles with stronger and longer chassis that can serve the purpose of providing community health care.

“In any case, it is quite clear the ruling government is determined to serve some interests with Ogun state commonwealth. Hence, we wonder why the purchase of ambulances takes priority attention over widespread insecurity currently going on across the state.

“We feel very sad that despite all the socio-economic hardship the people have been made to go through, in recent times, the insensitive APC government still chooses to throw all known milk of sympathy and compassion for the public good to the dogs by deceiving the people,”

The party said.

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In the interim, the Ogun PDP has vowed to stay a voice on individuals, saying it will proceed to assemble and teach individuals until the State got back to the pride of spot it merited.



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