Not any more Celebratory Directives For Bawa – EFCC Cautions


Not any more Celebratory Directives For Bawa

The Monetary and Monetary Violations Commission, EFCC, has noticed the expanding number of messages distributed in the print media by gatherings and people, praising Mr. Abdulrasheed Bawa on his merited arrangement as the Chief Administrator of the Commission.

While the open show of friendship and fortitude might be healthy in our social milieu, and in reality appreciated, it is anyway ominous now and step by step transforming into an interruption.

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Mr. Bawa is assuming the leadership of the EFCC at a time of great challenge and he desires to hit the ground running. What he needs from well-wishers and indeed all Nigerians, is support and prayers, and more importantly, credible information that will further the work of the Commission.

He thusly offers to every one of his admirers and well-wishers who may have the expectation of exhibiting their affection and backing for him through paid paper ad to halt, and rather channel such assets to more worthwhile motivations, like making gifts to Shelters and Inside Dislodged People, IDPs, camps.

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