Artist, Barry Jhay responds subsequent to being found not guilty highlighting his association in Kashy Godson’s passing


Barry Jhay

Nigerian vocalist, Barry Jhay has taken to his authority Instagram page to respond in the wake of being excused of all charges pointing at his association in the passing of his mark chief, Kashy Godson.

Barry Jhay conceded that he has lost a dear companion and nearly lost his life in what he didn’t really do. Barry Jhay additionally expressed gratitude toward the Ghanaian police for their polished methodology in taking care of his case with predisposition or bias.

In his words:

“Good day everyone,

These past few days have been drastically life changing for me with resounding frame of reflections. What was meant to be a vacation with my friend/brother turned into a tragic nightmare I almost didn’t wake up from.
What I went through I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy but I still thank God for his grace upon my life and for also reminding me that there is a thin line between life and death and we’re not going to be here forever.

I lost a dear friend, I almost lost my life and my freedom for something I had no hand in. I know I owe my fans my own side of the story and same is contained in the attached reports.

I want to thank the entire Ghana police force for their professionalism and diligence . The hurtful comments,assumptions and allegations made against me was nothing compared to having to mourn the tragic death of my friend and at the same time been accused of been involved in his death. But for the enormous support from my friends, family and even strangers who supported me without prejudice and proclaimed my innocence were the ones who gave me hope, oh my Ghanaian brother’s and sisters! This is my first visit to an amazing country filled with lovely people I have gotten the biggest support from. To my family!! I can’t thank you enough! my legal team( Tope Salami and Jerry), Lewis, Martin, Olu, ike, my Aunty Tosin , the list long o!!!

Cc : Legal team @dtopesalami

Thank you everyone!!! Tell them Barry Back!!”

Barry Jhay likewise shared a report from his media accomplice and a CCTV film of how Kashy kicked the bucket.

See the post below:

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