Nigerian Customs recruitment process (NCS)

Nigerian Customs recruitment process (NCS)
The Nigerian Customs recruitment process for 2020 has started.
Download the Nigeria Online (NCS) 2020 job application form or register through their portal

So, the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) announced the recruitment of candidates ready to work so that you can apply for the current recruitment portal registration for 2020.

We understand that a lot of people have a hard time, don’t panic as we have a lot of testimonials from personalities who used our screening process and ultimately got it.

Custom Recruitment Requirement

The result of at least O’ level, such as WAEC, NECO, (except Bsc and other higher titles may be indicated)

You must be a Nigerian citizen

18 years or older

Right foot

You must be a good citizen (also, you must not be convicted of any crime)

How to Apply for a Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) Job 2020

To apply for a permanent job with the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS), read all the requirements presented and rest assured that you will respond.

So Click here to visit the personalized job portal.

Choose a job offer,

Read the applications,

To apply for all the vacancies.

What is the application deadline for Nigerian custom service employment?

There is no deadline for personalized applications for the 2020 job.(NCS)

We will let you know when we reach the closing date for the application.

Online application procedure:

(1) Visit the NCS Jobs Portal (

(2) Click the capture button in the upper right corner.

(3) You will be asked to enter a valid email address and phone number.

(4) Enter the location you wish to apply for as shown.

(5) Make sure you fill in your details correctly (e.g. name, marital status, position, religion, etc.)

(6) Make sure to activate your account by clicking on the confirmation email sent to you.

(7) It’s over! You will be informed of all the news concerning your application.

(8) Note: All claims must be submitted earlier or earlier.

Disclaimer: The trust lease does not affect the current recording. What we provide is the information needed to select the job application program.

Although, some candidates who applied for recruitment with the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) on social media criticized the recruitment process that began in 2019.

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According to injured whistleblowers who left separate comments and tagged Twitter’s official ID tag, @CustomsNG, NCS’s continued silence after the exercise opens up the possibility of fraud.

Since the completion of the aptitude test which took place earlier this year, the NCS has not provided any official update on the recruiting process, leaving applicants at the mercy of rumours and scammers.

One of the candidates, @itzernestoto, said: “Please publish the names of shortlisted candidates and protect innocent candidates from fraudsters. #NCS”

Another Twitter user @OfficialYusip who replied to NCS said, “When will NCS resume the recruiting process?

We sometimes took the exam in January of this year, and there hasn’t been an official update since. Thank you.”

@VAkindun said: “@CustomsNG what’s the job news? It’s been so long. We have waited so long. Please what’s going on

Additionally, @Flourishjoeify asked if the procedure had been cancelled and why it was being kept a secret.

“I don’t know why Customs is doing this to us, or they cancelled the list and decided not to let us know”, she asked.

For his part, Tochukwu Nwanga, with the username @nwanga_t, accused the NCS of neglecting the process itself and selecting candidates based on favouritism.

“NCS, we are tired of waiting for results. Clean the air, let’s stop waiting. Simple and short, people get involved,” he announced.

Adjusted salary structure

Most of our readers also asked in the comments “how much salary will they receive after the meeting.

Make sure this is a paramilitary form of the federal government and that after being appointed, the candidate will be paid according to his standards.

The salary structure of the Nigerian customs officer is very attractive and will help you and your family to meet some fundamental needs.

For example, a customs officer earns about 75,000 Naira per month

(if multiplied by 12 months, this equals about 900,000 Naira per year).

However, those who have recently joined this agency should not expect such a high salary. The lower-ranking salary is usually 30,000 per month.

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From the data above, we can state that the inspectors have the lowest salary while the Nigerian Customs Director-General earns the highest salary.

Deputy Controllers General and Assistant Controllers General are other higher-income categories.

We have briefly described the Nigerian Customs wages for you.

Now, if you are interested in Nigerian Customs Hiring 2020, be sure to bookmark this page.

List of grades in the Nigerian customs service

Here are lists of ranking in the NCS:

  • General Controller
  • Deputy Chief Controller
  • Deputy Chief Controller
  • Controller
  • Assistant Chief Controller (ACG)

You can advance in your career and join the Knights of the Borders who work tirelessly to keep the borders safe and free from unnecessary activities.

To apply, you need to be careful about recruiting-related news,

and whenever there is a recruiting practice, be assured to fill out the form.

You can get and register the form at here.

How Custom Service Shortlist Successful Candidates

Before discussing it, let me tell you that the NCS 2020 Career Portal is not yet open for registrations.

Many candidates will apply after the portal opens, and the organization will subsequently post a shortlist of candidates on the official website /

The published list indicates which candidates will be invited for further selection. We will update this section with selection date, test centres, hours of operation, etc.

Tasks of the Nigerian Customs Service

The functions of the Nigerian Customs Service include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Anti-smuggling activities;
  • Production of statistics for planning and budgeting purposes;
  • Monitoring of currency usage, etc.
  • Participate in the investigation, planning and implementation of government tax policies;
  • Security functions;
  • Collection of receipts (import duties / special taxes and other taxes/levies) and their accounts;
  • Processing of manifests;
  • Registration and designation of collection banks;
  • Collaborate with other government agencies at all approved ports and border crossings
  • Licensing and registration of customs brokers.

Finally, do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to let us know.




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