NBS: 1,236 die in street crashes in Q3 2020

NBS: 1,236 die in street crashes in Q3 2020

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on Thursday said 1,236 Nigerians were killed in various street crashes in the nation in Third Quarter (Q3) of 2020.

Street Transport Data, Q3 2020 that made this divulgence mirrored that 3,066 street crashes happened in the quarter.

According to the data, speed violation is reported as the major cause of road crashes in Q3 2020 and it accounted for 57.26 per cent of the total road crashes reported.

The data added that wrongful overtaking followed closely as it accounted for 7.11 per cent of the total road crashes recorded while Dangerous Overtaking recorded the least of the total road crashes reported.

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NBS said “similarly, a total of 1,236 Nigerians got killed in the road traffic crashes recorded in Q3 2020.”

The report said in the period under review, out of the total
Nigerians that got killed, 1,176 are adults representing 95 per cent of the figure while the remaining 60 Nigerians are children representing 5 per cent.

976 male Nigerians, said the data, representing 79 per cent, got killed in road crashes in Q3 2020 while 200 female Nigerians, representing 16 per cent got killed.
The NBS said a total of 4,893 vehicles were involved in road traffic crashes in Q3 2020.

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The report explained that car is reported to be the major type of vehicle involved in road crashes and it accounted for 30.30 per cent of the vehicles involved in road crashes reported followed by Motorcycle and Minibus as they both accounted for 22.60 per cent and 15.50 per cent respectively.

Also, NBS said information on the classification of vehicles engaged with street crashes in Q3 2020 mirrored that 61 percent of vehicles are business (2,987), 37.80 percent are private (1,849) and 1.10 percent are government with 56 vehicles included.



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