“Marriage is an accomplishment and a high achievement” – Pretty Mike sparkles banter


Pretty Mike

Well known socialite, Pretty Mike of Lagos, says something regarding an overall misguided judgment about marriage and its discussion on being an accomplishment or not.

As per Pretty Mike in an Instagram post, the idea of marriage is fairly streamlined contrasted with the work put into building a fruitful home and a family.

In his words;

“Don’t allow anybody trick u by telling u, that marriage is not an achievement….Marriage is a high achievement, an accomplishment and a beautiful union to see two people or more come together and build a awesome home and family together……but if you beg to differ , then I can only assume that your conclusions are offsprings of a myopic perception or you are simply a product of a dysfunctional environment that never gave you the chance to appreciate the true beauty of marriage.


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It really requires a great deal of tolerance, zeal, patience and compromise to work ; traits which are gradually diminishing in our society.

When I see couples who put in the extra effort , defy all odds and run over hurdles to make their union work both in real life and on social media … I applaud it because marriage itself is hard work.

So here’s me giving acknowledgment and pats on the head to individuals who give me trust that someone’s Girl will see me one day,” he composed.

"Marriage is an achievement and a high accomplishment" - Pretty Mike opines



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