Absurdity?? Man Corrects Ex-girlfriend’s Name Inked On His Arm From Naomi To Indomie


Naomi To Indomie

A ton of responses have welcomed a man’s choice to change his previous girlfriend considered Naomi whose name he had inked on his arm to Indomie after their separation.

It seems the man was enamored with his ex-darling and decided to embellish her name on his arm however since they are no more sweethearts, he figured it shrewd to erase her name, most likely to help dispose of her memory and mend quicker.

Fortunately, he didn’t have to clean the entire name. He creatively added only two alphabets to the beginning and the end of Naomi and turned the letter ‘a’ to ‘d’ and voila! He now has indomie tattooed on his arm.

The man identified as Crazy Nairobian on Twitter shared a before and after photo of the ‘tattoo amendment’ on the social media platform and it has got many users reacting.

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Man amends girlfriend’s name tattooed on his arm from Naomi to Indomie.

This is not the first time a jilted person has had to go through the trouble of changing or hiding a lover’s name tattooed on the body.

Last year, a beautiful lady took to social media to look for a single man who bears the name David to replace her former boyfriend who was called David just so she wouldn’t have to go through pain to clean his name tattooed on her body.

“Inbox me if you’re David and single; I don’t want to change my tattoo” – David’s ex-girlfriend.

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The lady identified as Lyne Nyachae Moraa advertised the vacant position, asking interested men who met the specification to apply just by dropping a message in her inbox.

Lyne Nyachae Moraa was reported to be a Kenyan but was staying in Nottingham, United Kingdom at the time of the hilarious advertisement.

Some Facebook clients ridiculed her advert with some contribution to change their names to David only for the wellbeing of she.

It is hazy yet on the off chance that she in the end got any David to supplant her previous David



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