Lady describes how she dealt with her boyfriend after she caught him with his “bestie”



A lady recognized as Olamide has described how she dealt with her boyfriend after she speculated that he’s going behind her back with his “best friend”.

She said she visited him unannounced and discovered him with another woman who he asserted was his “best friend”. She immediately made for the closet and reclaimed all the stuffs she got him on Valentine’s day.

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In her words;

“Today I visited my boyfriend unannounced attempting to amaze him and have a great time. That was the way I met him with a woman he guaranteed was his best friend. How? You’ve never referenced this woman to me so why you unexpectedly have a best pal. He started to stammer and needing to clarify what I likely believe will be obviously false. What I did was to go straight into his closet, took the shirts, wristwatch and shoe that I got him on Valentine’s day.”,

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