Join The Nigerian Armed force Or No NYSC Allawee – Governor Fayemi To Graduates



Chairman Nigeria governors discussion, Governor fayemi has approached President Muhammadu Buhari to transform NYSC camps into security preparing grounds to select ” capable” graduates to join the military.

“With this, we can utilize the current direction camps to prepare capable graduates to reflate the security staff under an extraordinary plan that will be worked out. That way, the asset that is presently conveyed to the NYSC can be utilized with simply some extra subsidizing, which could be sourced through a public rainy day account for the following five to 10 years,” he clarified.

Those who refuse to join the military services will have to serve in their community without pay.

Mr Fayemi explained that the step was necessary and a cheaper way to get 200,000 security personnel needed by Nigeria to tackle its worsening insecurity.

“By available statistics, we need a minimum of 200,000 personnel to boost the fighting power of our men,” stated the Ekiti governor.

“This number is exceptionally enormous and a likely monetary and calculated bad dream,” he added. “However, we can’t defer any further. The ungoverned spaces should have been shut everything down by persuaded men with the particular target to save the country; That takes us to the number two issue of financing and outfitting huge enlistment.”

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