How Police Shot And Macheted My Sibling To Death – Lagos Driver Discloses to Alarming Story


How Police Shot And Macheted My Sibling To Death – Lagos Driver Discloses to Alarming Story

Felix Lucky, a business driver has recounted the tale of how his sibling was murdered by police, The Nation reports.

The man on Friday told the Lagos State Judicial Panel of Enquiry and Restitution for Victims of SARS related maltreatments and different issues, that a police officer shot and macheted his more youthful sibling Paul Lucky, prior to removing him to Ilasan Police Station at Jakande Estate, Lekki.

Felix, from Owube in Ahoada West, Local Government Area of Rivers State, identified the policeman as Mr. John Dagbo, a Sergeant.

He added that he and his siblings had not seen Paul since the evening of October 20, when the incident happened. According to him, Paul was dead.

He begged panel chair Justice Doris Okuwobi to help pressurise the police to release his brother’s corpse for burial and secure compensation from the police.

“I don’t know where my brother’s corpse is up till today and the Police has not said anything,” the petitioner said.

He explained that he and the Community Development Area (CDA) chairman of Jakande Estate as well as some CDA members were prevented from entering the police station and making any statement about the incident.

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Felix, who was led in evidence-in-chief by his counsel Mr, F.O. Udokporos, said he and others visited the police station thrice.

He stated that on one of the visits, Dagbo drew a line and warned him that if he dared cross it, he would be gunned down.

The witness said on the day of the incident, he was at home in Jakande Estate, when a friend of his named Evans came to tell him that John had shot Paul.

Lucky said when he raced to the scene when he met a crowd on the street.

One Ola Micheal, a member of the CDA, told him that his brother was dragged to the police station, adding that told him his brother was still alive. But he was declined access to the police station.

Felix said Dagbo had once threatened to kill Paul.

He said:

“On April 26, 2020, my brother came to my house in the morning and I saw that he had been pulled on his neck and his clothes torn. I said who did this?, He said Sergeant John Dagbo,

“He narrated that around 2 a.m, they saw someone riding a motorcycle (Okada), so they went close to the person and flashed the light on the person because it was dark. They didn’t know that it was a policeman, who was on mufti. An argument ensued and Dagbo pulled my brother’s neck, tore his clothes, and seized his torchlight and cutlass.

“So, I went to John Dagbo at the station, I told him that my brother had an issue with him at night, then Dagbo said that I should warn him.

“John said ‘That your stubborn brother I go kill am one day’.

Fortunate offered his sibling’s image and driver’s permit to the board and it was conceded in proof.

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Following questioning by Police counsel Cyril Ejiofor, the board suspended till January 6, 2021.




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