How A 8 Years of age Kid Was Gulped By A Crocodile (Realistic Photographs)


This is one pitiful story to peruse. A 8-year-old kid’s body has been pulled out of the stomach of a 26ft long crocodile after he was gulped down in Indonesia.

The expired, Dimas Mulkan Saputra was fishing in a waterway with his dad when he wandered from the shore in East Kalimantan, Indonesia, on Wednesday morning, Walk 3.

The crocodile then dragged Dimas away as the boy’s father Subliansyah chased the reptile.

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A local search and rescue agency official known as Oktavianto said the child’s father jumped to help him but the reptile escape.

“He chased the crocodile and hit it with bare hands but he couldn’t keep up” said Oktavianto.

The crocodile was found on Thursday, March 4, in the village of Muara Bengalon in Bengalon District, and cut open. Dimas’s body was found fully intact but lifeless.

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A disturbing video shows the family weeping uncontrollably as the child’s body was being pulled from the crocodile’s stomach.

Bongga Losong, Head of Salvage Group for the East Kutai SAR Post, said: “After we found the crocodile we split its stomach, and afterward we took the youngster to the memorial service home. We covered the crocodile.”




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