FG: US, other created nations additionally record school kidnapping


FG: US, other created nations additionally record school kidnapping

The Central Government has pronounced kidnapping of understudies isn’t particular to Nigeria.

It expressed even created countries, including the US likewise experience school kidnapping.

Minister of Data and Culture, Lai Mohammed, expressed this on Monday while including on Stations TV’s ‘News Night’ observed by Yawanigeria

He said: “Even in the most developed countries of this world, school kidnapping takes place. Last year, in the US, we all witnessed three of four school kidnappings and that is in probably one of the most developed countries in the world.

“The thing about terrorism is that the terrorists don’t live by your own rules and they are especially interested in soft targets. They know that what is going to get global attention is kidnapping school children.

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“We must be careful; we can’t turn all our schools into barracks. What is important is intelligence gathering, surveillance rather than the physical presence of the soldiers or policemen.

“We are dealing with people who don’t think like me and you, we are dealing with people who don’t have any rules of engagement, we are dealing with people whose motivation is completely different from mine and yours.

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“And anywhere in the world, this is how terrorists operate but the most important thing is to learn from what is happening and adapt.”

The Minister also insisted that the government would not pay ransom to secure the release of the abducted students and members of staff of Government Science College in Kagara, Niger State.

He added that the public authority was utilizing motor and non-dynamic intends to guarantee the arrival of the abductees.



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