THIS IS Incredible!!! Facebook Set To Boycott Substance That Sexually Harasses Public Figures



Online media monster, Facebook has reported that it would begin eliminating “serious sexualizing content” focusing on individuals of note.

Antigone Davis, worldwide head of wellbeing at Facebook, who spread the word about this in a blog entry on Wednesday, said the new improvement was important for another update to its tormenting and provocation strategies.

According to Davis,

“The policy changes also include coordinated harassment attacks against users.

“As part of this new policy update, we would remove any profiles, pages, groups, or events dedicated to sexualizing public figures, including celebrities, politicians, and content creators.

“The new policy bans sexualized photoshops and drawings and any degrading content “in the process of bodily functions.”

“We would also remove “unwanted sexualized commentary” and repetitive attacks harassing an individual sexually.

“Public figures, either politicians, journalists, celebrities or content creators use Facebook and Instagram to engage directly with their followers.

“We rolled out these improvements since assaults like these can weaponize a well known person’s appearance, which is superfluous and regularly not identified with the work these people of note address,”

Davis wrote.

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