Court orders Daddy Freeze to pay N5M for submitting adultery


Daddy Freeze

Nigerian Live Character, Ifedayo Olarinde, prominently known as Daddy Freeze, has been seen as blameworthy by the Government High Court over an instance of adultery including his significant other, Benedicta Elechi, and her ex, Paul Odekina.

It was uncovered that Daddy Freeze had coitus with of Elechi while she was as yet hitched to Paul Odekina, and this acted like an offensive wrongdoing under the watchful eye of the court.

Daddy Freeze Court Adultery

Consequently, Hon Justice Akpughunum; the judge who presided over the case, ruled that Daddy Freeze pays the sum of N5m as ‘damages for depriving Odekina amiable consort of his wife’.

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Below is the verdict of the judge:

“The sum of N5,000,000 is awarded against Ifedayo Olarinde (the 2nd Cross Respondent to the Cross Petition) as damages for depriving the Cross Petitioner of the amiable consort of his wife (Petitioner/1st Cross Respondent) and for injury suffered as a result of his adultery with the Petitioner/Cross Respondent.

An Order of injunction is hereby granted, preventing Ifedayo Olarinde ― the Co-Respondent to the Cross Petition ― from having access or dealing whatsoever with the children of the marriage until they attain the age of majority.”

The court also ruled that the children that came due to the union between Benedicta and Paul Odekina, be handed over to the latter:

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It reads:

“The guardianship of the three offspring of the marriage is thus allowed to the Respondent/Cross Solicitor. To offer impact to the proposed course of action for the instructive headway government assistance and soundness of the offspring of the marriage, the Applicant/Cross Respondent is thusly requested and coordinated to surrender the worldwide international IDs and birth authentications of the youngsters to the Respondent/Cross Candidate.”




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