Buhari Enduring an onslaught For Neglecting To See Guardians Of Snatched Kankara Students


Buhari Enduring an onslaught For Neglecting To See Guardians Of Snatched Kankara Students

Aisha Yesufu, coconvener of BringBackOurGirls, BBOG, and mainstream dissident, and Shehu Sani, a previous individual from the Nigerian lawmaking body, have assaulted President Muhammadu Buhari for neglecting to visit Kankara, a town in Katsina State where more than 300 understudies were hijacked at the end of the week.

Police affirmed on Saturday that obscure shooters assaulted the school and more than 300 understudies are supposed to be absent from the Government Science Secondary School, GSS.

The recent abduction of students has again increased concerns by Nigerians over the insecurity in the country and more worrisome is that the bandits struck not minding the presence of the President in the State.

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Buhari on Friday departed Abuja to spend one week in his hometown Daura, Katsina State.

Aisha tweeted,

“Just so you know, Buhari is currently in Katsina State. Terrorists attacked a school in Katsina State and took away hundreds of students. Buhari is yet to address the nation nor has he visited the parents. #KankaraStudents #SecureNigeria

“Buhari is from Katsina and has neither spoken about nor gone to see parents of #KankaraStudents and you still think Buhari has a Northern agenda?”

Adding his voice to the developing dissatisfaction, Senator Shehu Sani, tweeted, “When mortal pioneers depict themselves as reliable saviors or entertainers, history has a method of giving them the time and occasion to demonstrate, discredit or disrespect themselves.”

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